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Natural, Eco-friendly, and Safe!: Naturina ECOlitter is a natural clumping hygienic sand made of corn kernels. Its low energy consumption production process is based on renewable sources and free of fossil fuels. Naturina ECOlitter is not a food product but, being completely natural, it will not harm your kittens or adult cats in any way in case they accidentally eat it.

Hygienic, Absorbent, Antibacterial and SuperClumping ... It turns into a ball!: Naturina ECOlitter absorbs your cat's urine immediately, thus creating an easily removable ball that also retains harmful bacteria inside it. Thanks to its 100% natural active principle, it inhibits the formation of unpleasant odours. Moreover, thanks to its special formulation, it does not stick to the bottom of the litter!

Better performance! Biodegradable! Long lasting!: better quality clumping! Easy to pick up with the scoop. Maximum level of control of unpleasant odours. Easy to dispose of directly in the toilet and posing no risk to septic tanks. It lasts for a really a long time. Naturina ECOlitter box meets the hygienic needs of your domestic cat for 30/40 days. It does not create dust, it does not stick to your cat’s legs and it leaves no trace. It does not scratch your floors.

Cats love it!: sand provides your cat with its favorite texture and is soft to the touch. The size and shape of its particles are ideal. Freshness that lasts longer. No added fragrances and chemicals.


Note: some cats prefer a gradual sand replacement. In this case, start by adding only 1/3 of Naturina sand to the sand that your cat normally uses. Once your cat has accepted the new sand, gradually increase its amount until it is completely replaced.

Naturina ECOlitter is a natural and biodegradable product, it is environmentally friendly and IT DOES NOT HARM YOUR CAT! On top of that, being very light, it is very easy to carry. 

Instructions for Use:

1. evenly distribute about 3 cm of Naturina ECOlitter in a clean and dry cassette. For desired results, DO NOT mix it with non-clumping sand.

2. When your cat has finished using the litter box, pick up the ball with a scoop, throw it into the toilet and flush it away. In order to maintain a good level of hygiene, remove solid excrements daily.

3. Always keep 2-3 cm of sand in the cassette to control odours for long. Never throw the whole litter box into the toilet. If you decide to wash the cassette, do not dispose of but reuse the leftover product.

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